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Melissa went with a green bar and toggle clasp bracelet. I was happy to see her choice of colours for green with splashes of red, orange and yellow make for an uncommon combination.

She chose both square and tapered brick shaped millefiore beads for her bracelet. These are considerably larger than seed beads so she used double strands of beading wire to accommodate a double row of seed beads in between the millefiore beads. The result is a more balanced look to her bracelet design. Good tip, Melissa!

Beader Design # : 387
The Beading Gem's Journal
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  1. I like it! The colors and the shapes make it so fun!

  2. That is a good tip! Balance is key!

    Love the Millefiori beads... look like those little jelly candies. The perfect thing for Summer!

  3. Now that you mention it, they do look like yummy candy!


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