We go for contrast when we design jewelry right? Big with small beads. Shiny and matte. Glass with metal. We also go for contrast when we photograph our jewelry. Nobody would put a blue design on a blue background!

So what do professional photographers do? They also go for contrast. Horacio Salinas' extreme contrast is his series of costume jewelry from top designers entitled "Glitter in the Grit" which was recently featured in NYmag.com. The photographs show jewelry amidst trash. Yes, garbage! The dark backgrounds just sets off the glamorous and expensive designer pieces.

The Paris-Londres Collection metal necklace ($10,850) from Chanel is pictured next to a discarded coffee cup on a rough pavement. Salinas has brilliantly used the necklace's design to simulate a liquid spill. He is clearly not just a master of contrast but of placement.

The Nicolas Ghesquière strass necklace will set you back $9,875 at Barneys New York. It is seen here neatly coiled on the front wheel of a bike which has clearly seen better days. This edgy photo shoot is a sharp example of introducing a "shocking" contrast - one which viewers least expect for great effect. Something to think about.


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