Carol has been coming to our workshops for a couple of years now. She was the only one from the original group of 11 girlfriends who came to keep coming back. She enjoys making earrings. But a few months ago, I introduced Carol to chain maille. It was an instant attraction. Those of you who are passionate about wire work, polymer clay or any of the many branches of the jewelry making craft can understand her epiphany. Now Carol says it's all my fault!

Chain maille isn't for everyone. It requires artisans to have good spatial abilities. I've noticed that people who are comfortable with mathematics are often into chain maille. Carol is one of this group. Her earring design here was made from bright aluminium rings using short byzantine links.

She was trying to use two side by side links like one of my own earring designs. I had placed mine horizontally but Carol placed hers vertically instead. Either way works. The double links become a sort of earring finding.

The lower rings turned out to be the perfect place to hang the naturally coloured pear drop shaped mother of pearl shell beads. As the rings needed some polishing and Carol has yet to get a tumbler, I suggested she used some toothpaste and an old toothbrush which she did when she got home.

Beader Design #: 392

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