Remember mood rings? You can still get them today. They are supposed to change colours with your moods. They couldn't really predict your emotional state but the hollow glass or quartz stone containing liquid crystals did change colour in response to temperature changes. For example, your skin temperature does rise very slightly when you are excited. So when a mood ring turned red, it was supposed to equate to happiness, passion even anger. Take your pick. But the rings actually respond much better to ambient temperature than to you as much of it is not in direct skin contact but exposed to the air.

However, Skintile, a concept electrosensing jewelry line does really offer emotional and physiological sensing. These decorative wireless, stick-on body sensors are stretchable, non-allergenic and flexible and they completely "redefine traditional body adornment"! Skintile is one of a number of futuristic projects being investigated by Phillips Design Probes which could become mainstream in years to come.


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