Carol just loves making chain maille jewelry although after this project at one of our workshops, she decided that rings this small were just too tedious! She used the European 4-1 weave with mainly stainless steel rings.

To speed things up, you can either make sets of 4-1 which are laid down ready for pick up with more interlocking rings (shown here with slightly larger gold tone enamelled copper rings) or do what Carol did. She secured the starting rings with a push pin onto her felt-lined beading tray and added one interlocking with two rings strung on to the growing chain. See the above tutorial link for step by step instructions.

Carol decided that this width was just fine with her although she could have added another row. She now wears her ring a lot. What she likes most about it is the neat splayed out pattern it forms when she takes it off and puts it down!

Beader Design Design #: 402
The Beading Gem's Journal
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