Tags are fun to hook on to earrings for they add even more to their lively movement. There are plenty of earring tags to use but other findings can also be considered. Liz rather liked these pewter Celtic pendants so she used them as tags for her earrings. Their larger size really makes them focal pieces in their own right. Liz teamed them with green Picasso beads - window or framed Czech beads with abstract patterns on the edges for a fun original design.

Interlaced patterns first made its appearance in the 3rd or 4th centuries AD but the knot work which we associate with the Celts began in Northern Italy and Southern Gaul and reached Ireland by the 7th century. Today, we regard Celtic art as that of the Irish culture, but also the Scottish and Welsh as well.

Other than the sheer enjoyment of the artistically woven designs, Celtic knots were not used for religious or other symbolic reasons. They were just lovely to incorporate into decorative objects then as now.

Beader Design #: 400
The Beading Gem's Journal