Israeli artisan, Julia Goland clearly takes her inspiration from lush green forests and trees. Her detailed jewelry pieces are really works of art. Like any true artist, she creates from within herself without following any tutorials or instructions. She crafts her designs from mostly leather but she also uses wire, beads, fake moss and grass and anything else she can get her hands on which is not necessarily used for jewelry making. Her basic techniques include burning, cutting and dyeing.

Her current favourite is her latest creation entitled Morning in the Forest with bright orangish red flowers on a moss covered "twig" (above left) although I think the yellow blossoms cascading down onside of her Forest Nymph necklace (above right) is equally stunning. I also love her beautiful floral design (below) with white tendrils and the white and gold wire necklace from her wedding collection. Her designs are so good, they are art gallery calibre - what we call wearable art.

One whimsical piece is her unique bonsai ring. Her attention to detail is amazing as you can see the realistic landscaping effects she puts into her design.

She is 26 years old and has been making jewelry for 4 years. You can see more of her work on Deviant Art and on her Picasa Web.

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