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I've previously written about the recycled beer can tab jewelry . Soda can tabs can also be used. Carrie, who loves reading this blog recently sent me the link to this wonderful Wikihow tutorial of how you can make your own pop tab bracelet. She hasn't made one yet but it's in her "gotta try that" pile. Thanks, Carrie for the tip!!

You'll need 50+ tabs and some string, cord and ribbon to tie the tabs into two layers. They really do look more upmarket if you string in some beads too. The tabs are place with the the backs fo the tabs facing the interior to reduce scratching.

Altered Angel also has an environmentally friendly idea with using the soda cans themselves to make simple tag pendants as shown below.

Angie from the New New York Etsy Street team wrote a great tutorial for making her version of disc/stamped aluminium can jewelry which has eyelets.

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For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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  1. Those look great. And, IMHO, they are way chic-er than those knitted beercan hats that were something of a fad in the 1970s.

  2. Ha! Beer can hats, I remember those! Yuk!!! :)
    This stuff is much nicer!

  3. Interesting idea but it would take us a long time to collect 50 tabs. I don't remember those beer can hats but I can guess how they looked. Bev

  4. Pearl, You keep posting projects I am in the process of making! Just a word of warning for anyone working with cans, wear gloves! the edges are crazy sharp!

  5. Beer can hats? They must have looked hilarious!!

    Diana- all I can say is great minds think alike! Do you file down the sharp edges or fold them over?

  6. I used to make Coke Can Flowers years ago. I should make them smaller and into beads! Thanks for refreshing my memory!


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