I've actually come across women who don't think lamp work beads are suitable for earrings simply because they are large. As you can see from Liz's black and white design, you can indeed use them. You only need to use one for each earring.

She added extra long twisted bugle beads for the stems of her earrings but you can also leave the eye pin or head pin as it is as I did with these gorgeous yellow and black lamp work beads. I hammered the sterling silver above the beads just for added interest.

Or turn the bead on its side and attach it such that the edges of the beads face the "viewer" as shown below. This option is particularly good if the lamp work bead has a pretty design to show off. Yet another way is to make the bead face forward like a donut. The possibilities are endless!

Beader designs # : 397-399
The Beading Gem's Journal