Remember Ponoko? In my past post, I wrote about their intriguing service for artisans who wish to create custom laser-cut jewelry. They now offer Ponoko ID which lets shoppers post requests for specific design ideas. The site's more than 10,000 members can then offer bids to land the design job.

Derek Elley, Ponoko's Chief Strategy Officer says, “Shoppers no longer have to accept ‘one size fits all’ mass produced goods but can now save a bunch of money to get their ideas turned into reality by expert designers worldwide.” Will they ever! One of a kind jewelry is hard to beat.

Featured here are two more excellent designs from their website. The black cellular necklace reminds me of honeycombs. But my current favourite is this stylish fan pendant. It actually opens up and can be used to fan the wearer when it gets hot. Cool!

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