I work in a very noisy environment which requires ear plugs to protect against hearing loss. The problem is they often get misplaced and I have to go rummaging for them. I prefer ear plugs to the ear phone-like variety for a number of reasons - they work better, are small and compact and less noticeable. So I was delighted to see these creative earrings with ear plugs on chains. Wearers can plug them them when they need to but can leave them dangling when not in use but still very handy.

Ladybuds Earplug Earrings were designed by a woman who is really into NASCAR and rock n'roll - both noisy affairs. Ear plugs do cut down on much of the noise but not completely - you still want to be able to hear say, a fire alarm or a warning shout.

The ear plugs themselves are from HearTech. They are embellished with Swarovski crystals and are either gold filled or sterling silver. Each pair costs $30.


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