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Turquoise Jasper Pendant Necklace

Turquoise jasper is not turquoise but jasper that resembles turquoise. I wish it had another name because the gemstone is pretty enough on its own without having to be an imposter. It has some lovely green streaks in it.

Cathy used a large flat oval turquoise jasper as her main focal piece in her necklace design. She added some turqoise glass beads with black ones. The gold faceted Czech glass beads offered some really good contrasts. The rest of her necklace was finished with black matte seed beads. A simple design which has a touch of the Old World look about it.

Beader Design #: 396
The Beading Gem's Journal


  1. Very nice. Black with the turquoise and just a splash of gold makes for a nice color combination. :)

  2. Pretty beads no matter what they are called! Unfortunately, I buy beads sometimes just because they are pretty. I'm finding now I'd best ask what they are because someone always asks me.

  3. I usually ask but one time, I forgot to find out what the gemstone was so I had to say "it's probably....."!


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