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I prefer to buy Czech crystals because the coloured ones are almost as good as the top Austrian make and are cheaper to boot. However, for clear crystals, you cannot beat Swarovski's highly leaded sparklies. One way to get them cheaper is to buy them in bulk. If you do, getting through them might take a while so here is a great decor idea from Chiasso - a pretty clear bowl or vase loaded with "mini diamonds". This shimmering centerpiece with a few artfully strewn fake diamonds, is sure to be a hit at your next dinner party!

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  1. Does it take awhile to get the water out of the holes when you are ready to use them?
    This is an idea I could have used the day I "dumped" my box of Swarovski crystals. The box was full of crystals and had 3 x 5 (that is 15)compartments of different colors. Would have been pretty in a vase.

  2. It's not too hard to wash beads and let them dry by themselves. Or don't use water or flowers in the vase. Won't the crystals look sparkly set on your kitchen window ledge?

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