Doesn't this necklace look scrumptious? Not to mention rich and decadent as well with the plain red bevelled beads with a hint of gold on the sides mixed in with wonderfully painted beads with white and gold markings? The beads look like irresistible red candy! Just to make sure that her necklace looked extra luxurious, Cathy added gold coloured cube beads as spacers.

Red is a special colour. Besides being one of the primary colours, in terms of human colour psychology, red represents passion, anger and heat. Red really catches people's attention which is why we use it in warning signs. In other cultures, red is mostly a positive colour. In both India and China, traditional bridal attire is red in colour. The Chinese also associate red with fortune, fertility, success, happiness and so on. That is why gifts of money during Chinese New Year are usually placed in small red envelopes. So Cathy has picked an auspicious colour indeed!

Beader Design #: 409
The Beading Gem's Journal