Feature Designer

I learnt a new word the other day. It's kawaii which is Japanese for cute. It's the perfect word for Connie's jewelry for she makes the cutest polymer clay beads for her Etsy store BabyLovesPink. They are also delicious as she makes food inspired jewelry. I do know at least one person (you know who you are!!) who adores cupcake beads so feast your eyes! Besides cupcakes, there are gingerbread cookies, ice cream cones and delicious dessert earrings to drool over. I also loved how she mounted a stacked hamburger as well as waffles with berries on rings.

Connie is now based in Vancouver, Canada. She used to live in Hong Kong where she was surrounded by Japanese products such as the Hello Kitty and Sanrio lines. Ultimately though, artisans do what they do because they enjoy it. Connie said, "I just really like fun, happy, cute, colorful things. I think that's what my designs are mostly based on." She also added that she would love to make ceramic beads but she doesn't yet have access to a kiln. Perhaps she will one day. So keep up with Connie on her BabyLovesPink blog.

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