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Finger Imprint Jewelry - Imprint on My Heart

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Kathryn Albers is the artisan founder behind Imprint On My Heart. She makes the coolest jewelry from finger prints, baby hand or footprints or even pet paw prints. The custom work is executed in sterling silver, 14kt yellow, white and rose gold and 18kt yellow gold and become pendants, charms, lockets, rings and so forth. Fingerprint kits are sent out with every order. The kit includes both the mold impression compound and a fingerprint ID card. Alternatively ink prints can sent instead. The prints are then translated and cast into the most unique and memorable keepsakes.

The most treasured keepsakes has to be those for children for they grow up all too fast. Some of the designs on the website includes children's drawings and writings as well as the tiny footprints of babies.

Let's not forget about the other members of the family too - the pets. My favourites are these sterling silver puppy dog nose print and paw print designs below. As the designs typically cost $275 and up each, these are much loved pets indeed!



  1. I love the puppy nose print! Okay, I am crazy for forensics so this stuff totally appeals to me. Going to visit that site for sure.

  2. What a cool idea. And the results are attractive. (Not always the case with some things like that) Must be good artists. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. Wow that is really cool! I had an idea in my head. And then seeing what it looks like in metal, it's just awesome. That's what I want. I didn't know if it'd look good. But it looks great. It's funny most of the time people don't like fingerprints on glass and such, so there's sort of a negative connotation. But I like it especially as it's shown here.


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