Instead of straight stringing, we encourage beaders to add a little beadweaving to their designs. It easily adds interest and variety. Here is an example from Debbie (Widget's Beads) where she used gemstone unakite chips as the cross linking beads to form the front of her necklace. The accompanying bracelet is not beadwoven but it uses the same gemstone and colour palette as her necklace.

Another example is from The Polymer Clay Tutor (aka as Cindy Lietz) who added much larger hand made polymer clay lentil beads as the crosslinked beads to this blue beadwoven bracelet. The two tone colours really did justice to the handmade beads.

If you would like to make your own beads and are scared witless by the flames needed for lamp working, check out Cindy's site for she has many great bead-making tips.

Beader Design #: 406
The Beading Gem's Journal