Feature Designer

One of the things I strive to do on this blog is firstly inspire others to think outside the box when designing jewelry. Anklets are really popular in the summer time but what about the winter? Well, Shannon from Greenbelts had a super idea for when the weather gets colder. Her latest additions to her Etsy Store are boot chains!! Not just any boot chains but chains made from recycled belts. Green belts, get it?

The other thing I do is to support artisans by publicising their work. I've featured Greenbelts' work before in a past post on leather cuffs where she made fabulous leather shackle style anklets. Like some (but not all) of the feature designers I've written about, I was also able to submit her work in another article on my Trendhunter portfolio where it did make the front page after editorial approval. The "spin" on that one was bondage style jewelry!! Trendhunter is the largest online Trend magazine for all things cool, trendy and far out. The publicity is immense as the site now gets 8 million+ views each month and it's growing at a phenomenal rate.

For those of you who are new readers, I am one of Trendhunter's contributing writers (I'm currently in their top ten list!) - on a range of topics including jewelry. You can see the widget on my latest trends on the right side bar of the blog. The criteria for selection to their front page is very different - it's not enough to do drop dead gorgeous jewelry. It has to be unique and unusual.

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