Many of us love wearing gold jewelry. Jewelry is indeed the primary use of this precious metal but there are other applications. The use of gold as a currency dates back 6000 years. Today we can also find gold in electronics, computers, in high end glass, gilded (gold leaf) objects and even dental fillings. There are also medical uses such as gold compounds for the treatment of some forms of arthritis. However, in the pursuit of beauty, gold has also been used in some pretty extreme facial treatments.

UMO America, a Beverly Hills based company specialising in Japanese beauty treatments offer 24K gold facials in the form of thin sheets of pure gold. I can't say I understand how the gold can lift and firm the skin and reduce wrinkles when it is applied to the skin like that but one thing is certain, your wallet will lighten considerably. It costs 30,000 yen or $250.

Even more radical is the gold thread face lift carried out by cosmetic dermatologists. Get ready to wince. A 24K gold mesh framework is inserted permanently under the surface of the skin. Something like 4 yards of gold thread are used in the 90 minute procedure - the artist picture below show where it all goes). All that stitching beneath the skin is done with help of about 40 local anaesthetic injections. The gold mesh is supposed to stimulate collagen production which then plumps and firms up the skin and reduces wrinkles.

Gold is used because it is inert - it doesn't react with other substances and thus avoids allergic reactions. It also won't rust. This non-surgical (no knife!) procedure is apparently commonly done in Russia. This treatment is even more pricey at about $4000.

Would you do it?

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The Many Uses of Gold

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