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What not to do when taking pictures of shiny jewelry!

Judi decided that she wanted an all silver pair of earrings and teamed two diagonal findings together to form this contemporary design. Whilst Judi flawlessly created her design, the same could not be said for the photographer. As you can see from the picture on the left, you can see my camera and finger reflected on the flat shiny surfaces! I usually take more than one photo so, with a different angle, the day was saved!

For more tips on jewelry photography, please check out my past post, 13 Things I Learnt About Jewelry Photography.

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  1. Everyone can always use tips on taking jewelry pictures. Thanks for the great post. Even if you've been "through it all" there is always one thing "I never thought about". I worked hard this summer to get the infamous white background for my Lexie jewelry. I hate to say how many discards I have. Jim Juris, who you mentioned in the Jan article, had the best one (for me) "Read your camera's manual" Funny how we never do that!

  2. LOL! Yes, the manual! I do look at them but wish they were better written and less confusing sometimes.

  3. Oh, less confusing, please. #1 reason we don't read them!

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