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Facing the Cobra Wire Work Bracelet by Mei

Feature Designer

In order to grow as artisans, we must do three things - be inspired, try new things and above all practice, practice, practice! One artisan who has grown tremendously since I last featured her is (WireBliss )Mei who comes from the state of Sarawak in tropical East Malaysia, which is on the large island of Borneo. Mei loves wire work and recently designed a spectacular commissioned piece and showcased it on her blog.

Her inspirations came from a tropical snake, the cobra and her friend's a pair of strappy braided sandals. As you can see below, she has mastered precision wire braiding.

Her first attempt was a failure because the wires were too short. On her second afternoon, she succeeded in completing the piece which shows the wonderful ending decorated with Swarovski crystals and rose quartz. Doesn't it look like the hood of a cobra? And when the wearer puts on the cuff style bracelet, it becomes clear why Mei ended up calling it "Facing the Cobra"! Thanks, Mei for sharing and for inspiring us! By the way, Mei also has an Etsy store.

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  1. *smiling* Thank you very much for featuring this piece on your blog Pearl. All the best to you :)

  2. What a beautiful bracelet!
    I totally agree with the practicing part. I was given a small coin shaped pebble and to keep it from getting lost, I decided I'd try to wire wrap it. Oh my, it looks so easy. NOT! But I'll keep practicing (if my fingers can stand it.)
    Great piece Mei.

  3. Lovely Bracelet---I've followed Wired Bliss for a few months now but had not seen this design before--beautiful as always. I hope to improve my wire working next year, once the holiday season is over. Teri

  4. Very pretty - so much work involved!

  5. this is a beautiful brazalet, please make a tutorial for this cuff, is wonderful, I like it veryyy much!!!

  6. Hi All! Thanks for your comments.
    Lunita, tutorial for this will be in Q in my to do list.

  7. Wow, Mei does just beautiful work. Thanks again for showing us what these wonderful artist are doing.


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