When I first started beading, I did beadwork which I enjoyed immensely because one could build up a fantastic piece from just small seed beads. I still like it but have little time for beadwork today as I discovered wire work and chain maille along my jewelry making journey.

However, here is one of the first pieces I did working from E. Hackbarth's classic beaded witch pattern  (no longer available) which I found after searching on the internet. Who can resist this cute little witch with red and white stockings? I couldn't and intended to make a pair of earrings for myself for Halloween. Alas, it became a keychain charm instead (below) as I lost interest after the first one!

It's taken a while but someone else has now come up with a simpler witch pattern. Check out Mary Yaegar's witch pattern available on Beading Daily for free download until October 27 (no longer available. You have to join first (free). It's made with wire rather than thread so the positioning of the limbs will be easier. The clever use of larger beads for the body really speeds things up.

If you've not come across Beading Daily before, then hie yourself over there for they do offer some fantastic free and fee based tutorials. I think I have almost every single one of their free pdfs on my computer!

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