If you love old drawings and vignettes, you'll love the unusual jewelry line by Paraphernalia, a UK based handmade jewelry store. (Link no longer works). The artisan is known as Ms Vanda who uses old illustrations to print out onto cut out lightweight and slightly translucent acrylic. She then attaches chains to these focal pieces. She sells her work in shops around the world.

The jewelry designs are all charmingly grouped into well named categories. One of my favourites is her new Wonderland series which feature the drawings of the original artist, Sir John Tenniel for Lewis Carroll's Alice books. Her Vignette collection below feature black silhouettes of people and little creatures like the rabbit which reminds me of another Victorian illustrated book author, Beatrix Potter.

For people who like quirkier jewelry, there is her Anatomica jewelry with body parts, including the heart, ear canal, ribcage, tooth, skull and brain as pendants! Doesn't "Giving my heart to you" become more symbolic if the recipicient got one of these heart necklaces?

Or if you have a sense of humour, her Sleuth Collection has a camera, binoculars, typewriter, magnifying glass and this delightful detective disguise necklace!

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