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I really enjoy seeing how youngsters design jewelry for they do it so easily and without any hesitation. This eclectic bracelet is the work of a 12 year old first time designer. Sarah put together the bright colours like the turquoise, red and orange beads and toned it down with sober vintage brass metal beads. She then threw in a purple focal bead with some hints of the same colours she used for the rest of her bracelet. Sarah made it look so effortless!

Beader Design # 408
The Beading Gem's Journal


  1. Sarah did a great job with the design of her bracelet. Kids have a great deal of imagination and artistry as long as we do not try to put them in a box of unnecessary rules. When I work with my granchildren they have some of the neatest ideas and have such fun. They teach me things too.

  2. Sarah did indeed make a lovely bracelet! I agree, kids have so much creativity and aren't afraid to just go with their gut. Great choices there!

  3. Sarah's bracelet is amazing and it's one of a kind never seen one like it!


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