Halloween Inspired Jewelry
Part 1 of 3

Since it is almost Halloween, I thought we should get our fangs into some vampire jewelry to start this series.

First off is the work of a French artisan, Delphine Roche Montgrand whose blog La Fille du Consul offers this handmade polymer clay bloody necklace for sale. A dripping blood necklace like this sure needs fake fangs, a long black wig and black dress and you could be a "drop dead" gorgeous vamp!

Vampirewear.com has a collection of blood vial jewelry filled with fake blood. The vials are hand made and the necklaces and earrings are all handcrafted using antique and black beads on a leather cord. Shown below left are their test tube style gift set necklaces. They sell these for $22 for two and even come with coffin boxes! The fang style necklace ($15) features a spider which will freak out the arachnophobics.

They also offer Fill Your Own Vial jewelry which you could insert all kinds of things like "perfumes, oils, loved one's ashes, herbs, love notes, powders or even your lover's hair." But the bit of hair-raising advice that caught my eye was - "If you are considering filling a vial with your own blood ask your doctor to draw your blood. Do not cut yourself to fill it." Wise move.


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