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Bead Sisterhood Design

Jewelry frames are a great and quick way to add class to your jewelry. Susan's white and purple freshwater pearl bracelet would have been pretty enough with her play on colour and size of the pearls. But when she chose these frames to go with some of the purple ones, well! Doesn't her bracelet just look that much more elegant? I like the way she chose a bar and toggle clasp which went with her chosen jewelry frames.

Using frames this size is a good way to start. It's a little trickier and takes more patience to work with smaller ones which only permit a tiny seed bead inside. Here is a video tutorial to show how to use jewelry frames if you've never encountered them before.

Beader Design #: 419
For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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  1. I like the frames - but I have only used them once or twice. They can be tough to fit them in - Susan did a great job! Very nice.

  2. Nice post. I've used heart frames and was not very satisfied as I could not fill in the frame the way I wanted. A square frame would be easier. I really like Auntie's videos. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. This is a great idea, and as you point out, really add sophistication to the design.
    I love jewelry frames, especially the smaller ones, but haven't came up with a design for them...yet !!

    Thanks for the inspiration, as always !

    Have a nice day !


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