Jann and Jeff Whidden of 2ReVert are a husband and wife team from my home province of Nova Scotia who produce one of a kind jewelry out of recycled skateboards. When I asked them why skateboards, they said, " With Jann's work in the recycling field and Jeff's knowledge of skating when he was younger, and also his background in the jewelry industry... well it all just fell together, and made perfect sense for us to try and save some skateboards from the landfill, make something with our hands, and get a little creative juice out of us both!"

Skateboards are made of 7 layers of maple plywood, some of them are coloured. It is these coloured layers and the unique deck designs that they are after. The simple yet colourful rings, earrings, bangles, necklaces, belt buckles and cuff links are unique right down to the last scuff mark. Once the jewelry pieces are completed, they are sealed with glossy non-toxic finish.

2ReVert are so successful that since joining Etsy in February of this year, just 8 months ago, they have sold nearly 500 pieces. Even better, Jeff is now working full time on their joint jewelry business.

I had an inkling that their business name 2ReVert had something to do with "revert back" as in repurposing and recycling. But there is more to that name. "Vert" is also French for green. I (she who has never skateboarded) learnt from them that "revert" and "vert" are both skateboarding tricks. The 2ReVert also means the two of them! Clever, very clever indeed.

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