Monique designed this black and red beaded set where the loveliest beads are also one of the smallest. She used tiny cylindrical black Chinese cloisonne beads in her designs. You can see it best in her earrings. I really liked the way she placed them at the top and used blood red beads for the bottom. She also only used one bead cap for the top of the red beads showing that you don't have to always bracket a bead with the same thing.

Monique can't wear regular earrings. Not because she is allergic to metal as so many people are but because she doesn't have pierced earlobes. Not to worry! Where there is a will there is a way! We just used clip-on earring findings much to Monique's delight. Debbie (Widget's Beads) was the first to get this type which has domed parts where the findings contact the ear lobes. A number of people, including her mother, have found that it pays to get a good style of clip-on findings for maximum comfort.

Beader Design #: 416

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