This was Bernadette's very first attempt at wire crochet at a recent workshop. She chose brown square mother of pearl tiles as well as amber chips. Those amber chips were small so Bernadette found she took an awful long time to string them on the copper wire. As you can see, it was well worth the effort for it is a lovely creation! Every crochet bracelet turns out so differently because the beads used are not the same.

This form of wire crochet with braiding is an easy technique even if you've never done yarn crochet before. Here is a video tutorial for a wire crochet necklace which shows you how it is done.

If you are willing to learn more wire crochet and knit techniques, there are books on the subject. One is Nancie Wisemen's Crochet with Wire. Kate Pullen's Wire Jewellery: 25 Crochet and Knit Wire Designs to Make is also another book to explore techniques borrowed from another medium. The projects featured utilise actual crochet and knit stitches. The resulting somewhat irregular look of wire jewelry may not appeal to everyone. But if you like funky, go for it! I find knitting with fine wire rather "scratchy" compared to wool knitting. It must be the clash of metal wire on my stainless steel knitting needles. I honestly cannot do two projects in a row because it would grate my teeth to do so!

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