The love for bling starts young. Little girls just adore making pretty jewelry and indeed there are plenty of inexpensive craft kits you can buy to satisfy their craving - especially if you'd rather not let them into your really good bead collection! Fisher Price, the toy manufacturer came out with a new product earlier this year, the Color Me Gemz collection aimed at the 5 and up crowd.

The product line was a collaborative project between Fisher Price and the Hispanic celebrity, María Celeste Arrarás who is based in Miami, Florida. She said, “The Color Me Gemz line is great fun — and more. Girls can combine creativity, imagination and self-expression to make jewelry works of art to dress up all their outfits, just like mom!”

The kits consist of jewelry pieces which can be coloured with the supplied jewel toned pens. The decorative sets involve peel and stick "jewels" which is bound to be a hit as little girls just love sticking pretty things on anything. The findings are safe for young children.

The bracelet and necklace sets do make stringing easy as the beads, charms and jewelry pieces are large. This is a good thing as the projects will go faster especially as the target market have such short attention spans. You can purchase these from retailers or directly from the website. Prices range from $8-$25.

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