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The light was fading by the end of the afternoon of this workshop so this picture doesn't do Myrna's designs justice. She wanted to make bookmarks for her daughter Melissa and her three friends who are away doing missionary work. Myrna brought in a prototype design someone had helped her do but unfortunately it looked unfinished. So we put our thinking caps on and came up with another design featuring a beaded loop focal on one end and a cross on the other. Tiny seed beads in complimentary colours covered the rest of the beading wire.

As you can see Myrna used different beads including a blue and white porcelain bead and tortoiseshell dagger beads to create one of a kind bookmarks for 4 amazing young people.

Beaded Bookmark Tutorials
There are many ways to make a beaded bookmark. They make terrific gifts - teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, party favours and so on. Bookmarks are a wonderful way of using up your mismatched beads too.

Online tutorials
1. Simple cord bookmark with beads knotted at either end is an easy design idea by Denise Witmer. Or use a narrow ribbon instead as shown in this tutorial.

2. Tammy Powley's Bead and Wire Bookmark tutorial features a purchased metal shepherd's hook bookmark finding with a hole where the beader can then hang long pretty beaded charms on it. If you're good with wire work, you can easily come up with a hook of your own. shows you how to make a bead cluster to add as a charm to these hooks. Cindy Lietz's tutorial has multiple dangles using polymer beads. You get the idea.

3. The Bookworm Bauble (left) is another bead and wire bookmark originally from a book called Easy Beading (Better Homes & Gardens). The full tutorial was reprinted here.

4. Craftbits has the cutest butterfly bookmark tutorial made from wire and bits.

5. Agnes Farside's themed bookmarks involves seedbeads and the right charm for the recipient.

6.'s braided tutorial is a nice variation with three beaded sections on each end. This is a good idea if you want to practice some macrame work with hemp.

7. Try  this really easy bead and ribbon bookmark tutorial too from Favecrafts.

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  1. Very informative! I'm going to make a beaded bookmark! Thank you.

  2. Sheesh, and I'm still using whatever piece of paper that's nearby when I need to close a book. I am SO unenlightened!!!

  3. I've got to make my own beaded bookmarks too! I have had many kinds given to me over the years but not the beaded kind. I do have a cell phone charm I made for myself though.

  4. The thing to remember when you are making beaded bookmarks with seed beads on a wire, is to keep the seed beads as small as possible. This makes it so they lay nicely in the pages and the book is able to close properly.

  5. That's a good point Cindy. Myra spent a long time stringing on all those tiny beads. The alternative would have been bare wire.

  6. I just found my new favorite beading book of all time. I had to share this link with every other bead lover out there.

    You have a great blog


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