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Slip On Earrings for Non-Pierced Ears

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At our workshops, we use clip on findings for people who don't have any pierced ears. But I recently came across these nifty earrings that are radically different. They are slip on earrings! They are made of powder coated stainless steel and are designed to be flexible enough to adjust the openings in order to slide them onto ear lobes. Yet they won't fall off! What a clever idea!

The designs are by in-sync design who are actually a pair of Australian designers - Iris Saar Isaacs and Jane Barwick. Their design style is contemporary and were inspired by geometric drawings. The earrings retail for AU$90 per pair.

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  1. They are incredibly cool looking! How do they not fall off?

  2. They are made to be just narrower than ear lobes but the metal is flexible enough to "open" up in order to slip them on. When you let go, the earring parts you just separated move closer again to slightly "pinch" the ear lobes.

  3. I've been playing around with the idea of slip on earrings for a while.

    They even have some new earring findings at FMG that are hoops for non pierced ears in 3 sizes in gold or silver plate.

  4. I can't imagine they could be made with a lot of baubles that would make them heavy. But still - great idea! Everyone should be able to wear earrings.

  5. Wow, cool! My ear holes grew together years ago, much to my dismay, so these would be neat to try.

  6. Great idea. I got my ears pierced when I got tired of my ear lobes hurting because my earrings needed to be so tight so as not to fall off. (How much is $90AU?)
    I'm off to check Diana's link.

  7. Years ago I bought slip on earring hoops, but have not seen them in years. They truly do work, you can slip beads, small charms on them to change them and they don't hurt. Loved my earrings, but have lost one after many years and wish someone still made them. I believe Napier was the maker. Is there someone clever out there who could make these again? Linda

  8. You might try eBay and see if you can find some vintage Napier clip ones. Hope this helps.


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