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Elegant Hematite Earrings to Match a Necklace

Kerry surprised me when Debbie, my co-instructor and I were manning our stall at the Cole Harbour Harvest Festival earlier in the fall. We were there to promote our workshops and support the local heritage farm where our workshops are held. Kerry said she reads my blog which delighted me! She explained she loves beads and has many at home but hasn't yet designed much. Perhaps it was because she needed company so we encouraged her to come to our workshop.

Kerry did indeed attend after that and created this elegant pair of earrings. It went beautifully with a bought necklace she had. She has a good eye for what looks good together and hopefully she will continue to design more in the future.

I use the word hematite loosely for this is a simulated gemstone consisting of ground up hematite. It should really be called hemalyke. Check out my past post Hematite or Hemalyke? which gives a little history on this mineral sometimes called bloodstone (not the jasper variety).

Beader Design #: 449
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  1. Thats awesome..I bet she had fun! Beading w/ friends is so much fun!

  2. Very elegant! I love hematite for its metallic appearance.
    Thanks for the crosslink to the hematite/hemalyke post. I heard about the fact that most beads are hemalyke, but couldn't find anything about it.

  3. Love the earrings! Hematite and silver go so well together. And thanks for the link to the hematite and hemalyke -good info to have. :-)

  4. You're welcome! I have the links to gemstone facts on the right side bar if anyone is interested in learning more about various gemstones.


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