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10 year old Grace was on a mission. Her mother said she could make some jewelry for her cousins who live far away. So here is one of her designs using purple, a popular colour choice for young girls. Grace designed the necklace with butterflies which seem like they are flying in formation. I didn't notice until I looked closely at the photographs I took but Grace used pale pink faceted elongated bicones in front of each butterfly. I wonder if she thought they were stand-ins for antennae?

For the accompanying earrings, Grace didn't use the butterflies, just the purple glass pearls she had for the necklace. She incorporated matte pale purple hearts instead because the jewelry was made with a lot of love!

Beader Design #: 457
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  1. Awww, made with love. :) Very pretty set!

  2. Hard to believe such a young person designed that set. Great job.

  3. A young budding artist -and she used butterflies (love butterflies!). Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


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