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Plumbing for a Woman's Lost $70,000 Diamond Ring

When I was about 11, my mother accidentally dropped one of her pearl stud earrings down the bathroom sink drain. I remember she was quite upset about it.

She sent my brother, sister and I outside to where the drain outlet emptied into a large open drain. We had a fun time poking around with sticks but didn't find anything as the heavy gold mounted earring was actually still in the drain U-bend.

If you drop your jewelry down the toilet, you may not be so lucky as Allison Berry found out earlier this month. Her 7 carat $70,000 wedding diamond ring fell off her hand as she was flushing the toilet in the bathroom of the Black Bear Diner in Phoenix, Arizona. The force of the water carried the ring away. City workers tried to flush it out but failed.

Mr Rooter, a plumbing franchise, came to the rescue. Using a small video camera, the ring was spotted 3 feet down and 5 feet along from the toilet. They then jackhammered for 1.5 hours, removed the pipe and finally recovered the ring 8 hrs after Allison Berry lost it. The picture  taken by Mike Roberts from Mr Rooter shows the plumber holding the ring. Roberts said "They always say diamonds are a girl's best friend. In this case, a plumber is a girl's best friend."

She and her husband were so grateful, they tipped Roberts and his technician $400 each. The diner employee got $200 also for staying late. The cost of the special plumbing job and presumably the repair? $5,200. The bill from the city? $1,000. The look of joy on her teary face when the ring was found - priceless.

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  1. I have a feeling I would be very uncomfortable with a ring on my hand (assuming I could hold it up) worth $70,000.
    (Also, got a kick out of the Google ads at the bottom of your post for Plumbers and a clogged kitchen sink)

  2. Really, that's hilarious! I don't see a plumbing ad when I see it but the Google ads are specific to each viewer's location.

  3. Oh my. Yeah, I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing anything that valuable either. I wasn't comfortable wearing the tennis bracelet I got - I was only going to wear it on special occasions - turns out my BF thought I should be wearing it every day. I have been - but a $70,000.00 dollar ring. I don't think so.

  4. Did the couple pay the $6200 in bills? I hope they didn't expect the restaurant to. That would be almost as ludicrous as walking around with a ring worth 3 times a normal person's salary.

    I wonder if any theives tried to find them after the story was published? It's a crazy world!

  5. I suspect the reason why she dropped the ring in the first place because it was such a big stone and easily slipped off her finger. I think anyone who can afford such expensive jewelry can afford to pick up the tabs and was generous enough to give big tips.

    But really, whether the ring was $70,000 or $70, a sentimental ring means a lot to the owner.

  6. What a story...although whether the ring was recovered or not there's an "ewwww" factor going on here! :-)

  7. We talked about your post of the $70,000 ring. Then tonight it made the local 5 o'clock news. We heard it first on the Beading Gem's Journal!!!
    Great reporting.

  8. You would think that for someone who could afford $70k for 7 carats could afford to get sizing dots added to the inside of the band so it wouldn't slip off...but for that kind of ring, yeah, I'd tear the plumbing apart too! LOL.

  9. Such a cute post. She was lucky that they were able to ultimately retrieve that valuable ring. Slightly humorous to think that the ring actually increased in value by $7,200 (the cost of the additional tips, the plumbing and repair bills and the bill from the city). When she left the restaurant that evening her $70,000 diamond ring had appreciated to $77,200...well maybe not in appraised value. :)


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