Today is my second anniversary of blogging. That's 790 posts and over 400 beader designs so far! I enjoy blogging. It is a way of expressing myself creatively, documenting my discoveries and making notes along my journey as a jewelry making enthusiast and teacher. So blogging allows me to share this information and hopefully entertain and inspire all of you.

Many people have asked me how I manage to publish every single day. It's true I do spend a lot of time on my computer but I am not tied to it. Thanks to the blogging software's automatic advanced publishing feature, I am able to write posts well ahead of time when I have time. I'm probably slaving away doing the dishes when this publishes!

One blog reader who enjoys my posts emailed me to say she never knows what to expect each day! I do serve up a variety of jewelry related posts to make sure you (and I) don't get bored. So expect to see these and more :

  • Beginner beader designs from our fun workshops and beading parties

  • Featured Designers who do fabulous inspirational designs

  • Weird Jewelry - wacky way out there jewelry which may never be popular but encourages us to think outside the box

  • Unusual Jewelry Materials - stuff you would never think to use

  • Mini-biographies - little nuggets of history featuring famous people and their jewelry- fascinating history lessons they never taught you at school

  • Historical jewelry - bygone jewelry we don't wear any more, wonderful museum exhibits, famous gemstones and more

  • Celebrity jewelry

  • Gemstones and beads - background snippets on your favourite beading materials

  • Jewelry making tips and tutorials - we should never ever stop learning. Expect to see more in 2009. All these have or will appear in my new hub page Jewelry Making Tips which makes finding these easier.

  • Jewelry trends and innovations - what's new and cool out there

  • Jewelry from around the world - cultural and ethnic highlights

  • Book reviews - even the occasional movie review!

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