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Pam had attended one of my beading parties before. She had so many compliments for her past creation she not only booked a party but also came to a workshop. That's what workshops are for because it can be a long wait in between parties!

This time, Pam chose the "Rennaisance" route - a lovely mix of warm colours which reminds me of Italian period costumes and paintings. She used so many different types of beads - glass, foil, brass, lustre beads and some hand painted beads too.

She clearly enjoyed designing jewelry and is good at it. So I encouraged her to get some beads and do more on her own. Back came the soft reply, "I'm afraid to." It's not fear of designing as she is naturally inclined but fear of becoming a bead addict. Unlike some people. Who me?

Beader Design #: 447
The Beading Gem's Journal

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1 comment:

  1. I love those colors! Imagine under a warm blanket on the sofa, having some cookies and a hot cup of tea. This is what comes to my mind seeing this jewelry set. But no matter what, this is beautiful!
    BTW, you got her! Pam already IS a bead addict. Workshop, beading party......*grinz*


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