Even if you don't make jewelry for sale, you probably do make jewelry to give away as gifts. Making earring cards are a great way to present them properly for either purpose. They're easy to make at home.

I make mine business card size because I happen to have Microsoft Publisher with my Office package on my computer. But really, any card making program with business card settings will do too. If you don't have any, but are handy with simple drawing programs like Powerpoint you could design then make many custom sized copies and arrange them on the page as you see below. You could also put your biz info or a "made by" if it is a gift on the reverse side by designing a second page. Then simply re-feed the card stock through the printer to print it out. Remember to flip it to the other side before doing so.

There is no need to buy specially perforated business card paper. I just use ordinary card stock which is cheaper. A paper guillotine works wonders but mind your fingers! Once cut out, you can stick it up on a board or if you design it such that it folds over at the top part of the card allowing it to hang on an earring rack.

If you want an inexpensive and super fast way of making little earring display holders, just cut out a pair as shown above and fold the ends to prop them up. Poke holes to hook the earrings through. I've found these are best for single shows after which I just cut the fold-overs off and separate the cards to use on my display cork board.

Brandi of Enthrall Designs, a fellow Nova Scotian, has a great tutorial which shows how she makes cards for stud earrings. She also starts with business card size but designs hers to print out differently. She has a neat way of folding her earring cards.  (Update : The original post has been deleted but you can experiment on your own!)

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