Paper Jewelry
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You know when you think of it, paper is really just reformed shredded wood fiber. Not the sort of material you'd consider for jewelry. And yet, I keep coming across amazing artisans who love to work with this material.

Ann Martin, who's quilled paper pendant tutorials wowed me before, showcased on her paper blog the stunning paper jewelry creations of London based Hila Rawet Karni. I find it hard to believe they are really made out of just paper. She has definitely mastered the art of paper folding.

Hila is an industrial jewelry designer. She is a granddaughter of a woodworker and the daughter of an industrial designer so it's apparent design and crafting is in her genes. I didn't post this article for quite a while because Hila told me she was planning to set up an Etsy store and would I wait?Hila Rawet Karni : Industrial Jewellery (spelt the English way) is now open. This and her website features her collections of which the Kipul collection is the paper one - both are well worth a visit.

She considers her work to "include a high degree of industrial design". I can only think of one word - gorgeous.

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