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Kate Cusack's Amazing Zipper Jewelry

I am just in awe of artisans who can make ingenious creations from humble fasteners. No less so than with this artisan who has been featured in many magazines. Brooklyn based Kate Cusack's approach makes her zipper jewelry amazing wearable art. She first created a zipper pin back in 2003 and sold hundreds in shops and art galleries. She followed that up with her one of a kind zipper necklaces three years later.

I was particularly taken with what she said, "In art school, I realized that once you allow yourself to use materials in unconventional ways, then, just about anything is possible." She is living proof we should expand our horizons to do something different. Why make jewelry like everyone else does?

Kate is not only a jewelry designer but a costumer and wig maker. Hers is a hectic life which could see her working in her studio or shuttling around NYC shopping for her next show. She is also a most inventive window dresser - she made huge Marie Antoinette style wigs from plastic wrap for Tiffany & Co.'s 5th Avenue store.

Her jewelry can be purchased from select shops and museum galleries or her Etsy store. She also maintains a blog so her fans can keep up with her myriad activities.


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  1. Holy cow, those are amazing. Thank you for sharing. *scurries over to check out Kate's blog*

  2. Those are amazing pieces. And I threw out all of those zippers I didn't use.

  3. How cool! Those pieces are incredibly creative!!

  4. unreal! those are stunning!!!! wow!!!

  5. I have seen her work before and it's fabulous! It takes talent to take something as utilitarian as a zipper and make something as extraordinarily decorative with it!

  6. Who'd have ever guessed zippers could be such beautiful things!


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