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We spent New Year's day hunkered down indoors as a raging blizzard roared through Nova Scotia (Canada). The winds were ferocious and piled up snow in sculpted drifts. Half our driveway was bare whilst the bottom part accumulated 1- 2 feet of snow. Fortunately we did not lose power otherwise we would have been cold. Worse, I would have no internet. (Yes, my priorities need straightening out!)

Below is a picture I took early this morning of the house opposite us. See the orange fire hydrant on the left? The city crew always tie a long stick to it before each winter so that fire trucks can locate it if it gets really buried in snow drifts. Some years, they use a stick twice as long as this one!!

So what could be more appropriate today than snow globe jewelry? This absolutely gorgeous one of a kind hand crafted 18K gold ring from Delamina sports a huge rock crystal (clear quartz) cabochon with pave set diamonds and rare Paraiba tourmalines. The designer is Vicente Agor who took his inspiration from icebergs and the sparkling colour and light found in polar regions.

More affordable and downright delightful are the resin based snow globe rings of Szofita on Etsy. She does wonderful scenic custom designs for any occasion. She cleverly uses the bubbles which are usually the bane of resin jewelry artisans and made them work for her designs. They take the place of snow in her snowman design.


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  1. Well, you got all the snow after we did (here in MA) I thought there wasn't any left.
    Love the little snow globe rings and especially the use of the bubbles. Looks quite real.
    Boston has been taking down the ice sculptures from First Night. Too cold for them to melt and I guess they are dangerous for the public. But hate to see them just torn down after all that work.

  2. Now those are cute! The jewelry, not the snow. We had a bunch then it rained and got warm (relatively speaking) for a couple of days and all we have now are those nasty dirty snow mountains in parking lots where it was piled 15 feet high. Ugh. At least the snow in your picture is still white and fluffy and pretty!

  3. I have always loved snow globes. I remember having one as a kid. Snow on the other hand I can live without!

  4. One of my favorite things to do every Christmas is bring out my snow globe collection. Thanks for sharing!


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