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Spiral Stitch Beaded Jewelry Tutorials | Round, Flat and Russian

Yesterday's feature designer, Jean Hutter of Totally Twisted Beaded Jewelry was a big hit judging by the comments! No wonder. Bead work can add a beautiful dimension to jewelry making. Even if you are not up to artistic beaded pendants, making a spiral bead rope to go with a bought focal pendant is a design possibility. You can also crochet a spiral rope using prestrung beads but believe me, the spiral stitch using needle and thread is much easier if you've never done a rope before.

There are many types of spiral bead stitches and here are some of them. The basic spiral rope tutorial by Teresa Isanhart of TCBeads which I recommend for beginners.

My favorite though is the flat spiral stitch.  Very pretty.  Flat Spiral Part 1 tutorial is demonstrated by Karla Shaffer of Auntie's Beads.


 Flat Spiral Part 2 

A double row flat spiral tutorial anyone? MyAmari has this lovely variation. See her elegant bracelet tutorial.

The Russian Spiral Stitch looks just like the DNA double helix when done with bugle beads.  You can see an example in this Flickr photo by hands2heal. Check out the basic Russian Spiral tutorial from Potomac Beads :

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  1. I love the look of beaded items. I try a new pattern every now and then. I have a collection of unfinished pieces. Finishing them has always been a problem for me. Got an tutorials for that?

  2. LOL! You're on your own for that, Bev. I think most of us can confess to our own collections of unfihished projects!

  3. These are so pretty. I've always wanted to learn a spiral rope stitch but never got to it. Now I know where to come w/ all the tutorials listed in one place!

  4. These are all great tutorials. The video for the flat spirl is how I learned to do it. The internet is a wonderful thing!!!

  5. I quite agree with you Jean - the internet is a wonderful thing for learning. It sometimes takes time and effort to find tutorials but hopefully this set here will help save time for many. I myself will be referring to this post!

  6. Actually there are a lot more spirals than just that four. The ones I know of are: Cellini spiral, embellished right angle weave-
    Double spiral rope, Aussie Spiral, Netted spiral, Russian spiral, Dutch spiral-
    Flat spiral-
    Another type of Dutch spiral-
    Basic spiral rope-
    Other types of spirals are: Triple spiral rope, African helix, and there are variations on the basic spiral rope.
    Hmmm, looks like I need to make some more tutorials.

    1. There's also kumohimo spiral! This seems to be the easiest I've seen so far... Although I've yet to try most of the others. Kumohimo, crochet & loom seem to be the easiest for me to wrap my head around it! LoL!

  7. Was visiting another blog where the blogger had written about her latest project but gave no directions on the stitch that was used ... a variation of a Russian Spiral. So I began searching "Russian Spiral" and low and behold my favorite bead info site pops up in the search. Guess all roads do lead to Rome. :D
    Though I'm familar with the lovely Russian Spiral stitch, I have never tried the flat version of it. It is quite pretty and intrigues me and is now definitely on my to do list.

  8. I must say I love the flat spiral stitches!

  9. I have made several of these especially the flat spiral but never the Russian spiral. I really like this, it appeals to the geek in me I guess. Unfortunately the PDF link doesn't work. Do you know of another where it comes out like the DNA looking spiral?


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