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I've always loved beadwork although I no longer have time to indulge in this kind of beaded designs, I still do drool over the work of talented artisans like Jean Hutter. I actually stumbled on her blog very early in its existence and have been a fan ever since.

She calls her Etsy store Totally Twisted Beaded Jewelry because as you can see here, she is particularly fond of the spiral stitch. It is a really easy bead stitch to learn but it takes someone with an artisic eye and a flair for colour to pick the right beads for awesome designs.

I really love her flat spiral bracelet below - her choice of brown toned beads is truly inspired!

Her embroidered bead pendants are also lovely. Below is her Southwestern turquoise donut pendant and further down is her abstract pendant design which shows her artistic flair.

Jean is also a gifted abstract artist - her art gallery is definitely worth a peek. She also writes two blogs, an art blog and a bead blog.
The Beading Gem's Journal

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  1. I love the look of these heavy beaded ropes. I would love to learn how to make them since I think they would be a great compliment to polymer clay pendants!

  2. Cindy, your wish is about to come true tomorrow!!

  3. I liked the top bracelet, I love warm, earthy colors. BUT, that necklace at the end, that gorgeous, OOAK pendant, is to DIE for! What talent---I wouldn't be able to "think" that much less create it! I'm sure it won't last long in her store. Teri Twitter: Teri_B

  4. WOOOOO HOOOOOO - this is so exciting. I love my post - thank you so much - I am off to read it again and to notify everyone I know.

    Jean Hutter

  5. Gorgeous work! Jean really does have an eye for color - I love that abstract pendant :)

  6. Love Jean's work! The embroidered pendant is gorgeous!

  7. I love Jeans' work.
    Check out her sold items in her etsy shop.
    I just love her ICE STORM necklace.
    Congtrats on the write up.

  8. Jean does such lovely work, I'm proud to be on a team with such an artist!

  9. You picked some wonder examples of Jean's work. She is such a creative beader.

  10. Jean is such a talent and inspiration. She does absolutely gorgeous work.

  11. jean, your work is amazing - congratulations on the recognition!

  12. lovely work! Jean is truly a very talented artist! her work shows great attention to detail and excellent creativity!

  13. I love the turquoise donut necklace(what else with my love for southwestern jewelry)! But all the other pieces are great, too. Congrats of rbeing featured, Jean!


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