You don't see this combination very often - crackle beads with foil beads! Gayda chose cube crackle beads in subtle watermelon hues and added smaller pink cubes as well as green elongate bicones with a rainbow (or AB for aurora borealis). The pinkish tones of her main necklace matched the large pink foil focal bead. This is a very pretty design indeed and an inspiration for people who may not have thought to put pink and green together.

Have you ever wondered how foil beads are made? Here is a video to show you how a lamp work artisan makes one. She adds silver foil onto a heated bead and burnishes (rubs) it on. Clear glass is then added on top to finish. Now you know why foil glass and especially Murano glass costs so much more than ordinary glass beads. In medieval times, Venetian glass makers were confined to Murano Island. Their craft was jealously guarded - you can read all about it in my past post on The Murano Glass Makers' Assassins.

Beader design #: 463
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