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The Eye Jewelry Project is an innovative idea from Dutch artist, Eric Klarenbeek. It is so bizarre it's no wonder his contact lens jewelry received loads of media attention from around the world. His work is not like the contact lenses with embedded Swarovski crystals I've featured before. Those you could imagine wearing. These dangling affairs are simply not practical. However, I do see one benefit - these eye jewelry makes finding lost contact lenses easier!

Klarenbeek says his work is characterized by interaction and innovation. He clearly does like to explore the possibilities of motion in his products as you can see in this video which shows a model wearing his contact lens jewelry.

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  1. Oh I don't think so. Uh uh, no way!

  2. Oh boy, this is weird!

  3. won't the contact get pulled out really easily? weird!

  4. Sorry, not for me. Actually contacts are not for me. That hanging down my face would be so irritating.

  5. I'm appalled! Do people really lay in bed before falling asleep and think, "What is the most bizarre, ridiculous thing I can do to get as much attention as possible?.... I know, I'll make eyeball jewelry."
    Do people wear this to the grocery store or while doing their laundry? Just plain stupid.

  6. It does certainly generate publicity at the very least!


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