I adore cats. They are loving in an independent sort of way although I could do without the hair ball gifts. They are great company when I am home sick in bed or working on my computer. They also have an unerring ability to curl up and sleep on the very spot I next need to sit on!

So it was inevitable that I made the long tails of my silver wire dangles into tails in praise of cats!

House cats live such pampered lives - warm houses, plenty of food and water and comfortable spots to nap on. Let's also not forget the cat slaves, their human owners, who cater to their every need. So if there were cat earrings then, here are beaded people earrings! I used two beaded silver wire tails for the legs of each "person". What makes these earrings so much fun is the ability to bend the limbs in any way you choose.

Although ancient Egyptians revered cats, they were not the first to domesticate them. A 2007 genetic study showed cats are descended from probably as few as 5 African wildcats in the Near East. A few years ago, the oldest known pet cat was found in a 9,500 year old Neolithic burial plot in Cyprus. The remains of the cat and its owner were carefully buried with seashells, polished stones and other objects.

Scientists term cats as a "self domesticated" species or "commensal domesticates" i.e. early cats quickly learnt where their next meal was coming from by hanging around humans! And they've been doing that ever since.

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