Today is Canada's National Flag Day . This particular day was chosen to mark that momentous day in 1965 when the red and white maple leaf flag was first used. It replaced the Canadian Red Ensign flag which bore the Union Jack and the shield of the royal arms of Canada. Red and white though were chosen as Canada's national colours back in 1921 - these two significant colours have been used numerous times since the 11th century as the colours of France or England. During the crusades, France used red crosses whilst England, white ones, on their banners.

If the flag date seems rather recent, the use of the maple leaf as the emblem of Canada was not. According to historians, it became a Canadian symbol back in 1700. The single red maple leaf on a white field has been worn by all Canadian Olympic athletes since 1904. The maple leaf was also used right through the World Wars where our soldiers wore it on their military badges.

So it is appropriate then to feature two beaders who used our national colours in their jewelry designs. First up is Robin who used glass crystal beads - faceted rounds as well as bicones - and seed beads for her necklace and earrings. Her designs are definitely for sparkle fans!

Gerry's approach was different. She not only used less red but she chose pearl lustre beads rather than crystal beads for her design. She did that in order to compliment the large mother of pearl tile pendant from Debbie's (Widgets' Beads) collection. Truly classic and elegant!

Beader Designs #: 464-465
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