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Embroidery and Metal Jewelry - Asymmetry

Why make the same jewelry as everyone else? The keys to doing something different could lie with using (a) unusual designs (b) uncommon colour combinations (c) unusual source materials (d) combinations of techniques which are unique.

Lynette Andreason is one feature designer scores big with (d). I didn't think you could sew metal but that is exactly what she does. She marries another craft with jewelry making to yield a distinctive Embroidered Jewelry collection. Lynette, who is from Arizona loves mixing media and creating jewelry so much she is currently pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts in Metals. She sells her designs on her Etsy shop. I don't know where she finds the time to blog too!

As she is a metal smith, she makes all the jewelry from scratch, right down to hand made rivets and bails using silver and embroidery thread to embellish. Her animal track series (the coyote paw prints one is above) was created for the Animales Show at the Facere Gallery in Seattle Washington. Her pieces are all one of a kind and are stamped with her initials and the word "sterling".


The Beading Gem's Journal
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  1. I love to see unusual jewelry. Very nice.

  2. Great mix of unexpected components! Awesome!

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  4. Yes. The fashion from this era also included ornate shoe buckles of paste, steel and tin, elaborate paste jewel buttons, as well as semi precious for day wear.


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