I don't often watch tv but one delightful show I enjoy catching is TLC's "What Not To Wear". It's a show where a couple of style gurus (Stacy London and Clinton Kelly), a hair stylist and make-up artist do makeovers on people with the most atrocious fashion sense. Friends and family send in names of potential candidates and the chosen ones have their wardrobe analysed and dumped! They then get fashion tips on how to choose clothes which flatter them and $5000 to shop for new clothes. It's a pity they rarely cover jewelry at all. They do discuss accessories like bags and shoes but not jewelry.

Most women wear some form of jewelry and some like wearing several pieces at the same time although it takes a certain flair not to go WAAAAY over the top. The heavy, I-must-wear-as-much-jewelry-as possible approach to this October ID Magazine jewelry fashion shoot was really too much. Where are Stacy and Clinton when you need them? The individual pieces were lovely though. Perhaps they just wanted to pile as many pieces as possible on the model, Natasha Poly, like an overloaded jewelry display!


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