I was really impressed with how Yvonne's necklace and earring set turned out. She managed to give her designs, the necklace in particular, a bold contemporary look.

This beautiful red glass crystal pendant was the starting point for her creation. She used brick shaped real quartz (dyed red) beads coupled with the paler cherry quartz (high end glass) to compliment that striking pendant. The simple use of silver lined bugles made these creations look like they were made with silver metal. The silver colour naturally contrasted perfectly with the red hues. Her designs are also fine examples of how to incorporate side drilled beads into necklace and earring pieces.

Cherry quartz is an example of the popular "fruit" quartz one can get for jewelry making. Debbie and I also have blueberry quartz in our workshop collections. These are not to be confused with genuine gemstones with the same names which are much more costly and harder to get hold of. Genuine pineapple quartz, for example, is a type of citrine with crystal patterns on the side resembling the skin of the fruit. It comes from Antsirabe, Madagascar.

Beader Design #: 460
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